This weekend, May 6 & 7, is the 6th Annual Mayberry Comes To Westminster. The streets of Downtown Westminster will be filled with local vendors, Mayberry look a likes and good old fashioned fun!

The daughter of Don Knotts, Karen Knotts, will serve as the Parade Marshall and will also perform 2 shows (Friday & Saturday) of “Knott, Knotts; Who’s There?” – getting to know the man behind Barney Fife. This is a must see for any Fife fan!

Be sure to visit their website for more information or to purchase tickets to some of the shows and concerts in advance.

Mayberry Comes to Westminster

Friday May 6
12 Noon – Mayor’s Proclamation
12 Noon – Arts, Crafts, Food Open
2 pm – Tribute Artists Show – Music Hall
4 pm – Pickle Contest – the WAHPS Center
4:30 pm – Opie Look-A-Like Contest
6:30 pm – Karen Knotts I – Music Hall

Saturday May 7
7-9 am – Rotary Pancake Breakfast (The Depot)
9 am – Arts, Crafts and Food Open
10 am – Mayberry Parade #1 (Main St.)
10am – 3pm – Car Show (The Depot Lot)
10:15 am – Tribute Artist Show – Music Hall
11 am – Trivia Contest (Main Stage)
12 noon – Silent Auction (Main Stage)
1 pm – Trinity River Band (Main Stage)
2 pm – Mayberry Parade #2 (Main St.)
2:30 pm – Karen Knotts II (Music Hall)
3:30 pm – Trinity River Band (Main Stage)